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Time is not always on your side!
This property we look at makes you think hmmmmmm!

We have a nice single story property which is purchased at a fair price to be bulldozed down and another single story property is constructed.

As previously mentioned, PPOR’s don’t always follow the conventional rules for the property investor.
1 + 1 = 3
The Reno Kings are Masters at realignment i.e. moving the boundary to make one block bigger and keeping one of the homes.
This deal was different.

The original home was demolished and realignment completed to reveal two allotments.
The 604m2 parcel of land allowed a new home to be constructed and when completed was presented to the public via auction.
Strategy: LAND! They are not making it anymore
Close to Paul Eslick’s PPOR (principal place of residence), oodles of cash has been splashed on buying waterfront properties, only for the existing Taj Mahal to be demolished for the new, better and bigger Taj Mahal to be built.

What the? A savvy Investor knocking down one house to build two houses, makes sense, and it makes ‘emotional’ sense to knock down one to build one if it’s your PPOR.

But …according to Paul a few of these demolished properties were in much better condition than his own home, so what the hell is going on??
What our clients are doing...
The property was purchased in 2014 with the assistance of Justin Eslick from Investigate Property. 608sqm zoned LMR2 in a nice character area in Newmarket. Utilizing our A-Team, we receive Development Approval in January 2015, even though setbacks were not strictly compliant. The DA was for retention of the Queenslander home and two new townhouses in the backyard.

In July/August 2015 a major boundary retaining wall was installed, which was necessary to give us room for vehicle movements.
Geoff's New Farm Backyard Bliss
Way back when I used to work for a living, I bought 2 little houses in a run-down suburb called New Farm.
It had 2 things that I knew would guarantee I would make money.
Those 2 things were kilometres’! It was just two kilometres from the CBD.
Inner city acreage
When you’re on a good thing you stick to it and the boys were back at it in Kangaroo Point.

They picked a recently built, solid tilt up slab construction,  three level residence with ‘acreage’ in the backyard of around 300 square meters … you know the science for inner city acreage by now.
A 'no brainer'
A few years back Geoff and Paul picked up a good deal in Teneriffe, basically a large boarding house for exactly the same price as the Government land valuation at $460k.

Now this is a ‘no brainer’. You get the building for free and a huge piece of dirt 3k’s from the Brisbane CBD on the northern side in a once crappy and now booming area called Teneriffe!
$693k profit and rising
Paul’s backyard beauty was purchased in East Brisbane on a busy street for $337k. It was not a large parcel of land by any means just 531 sq met. The house was leaning quite substantially to one side, although the bones of the home were good.

After a bit of grunting and groaning by a builder with a pulley and chain, these bones were straightened. Result? 
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