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Top Ten Power Tools for the Serious
For those who get in and do their own hands-on renovating, you may wonder "What power tools should serious D.I.Y.ers own?" Master Renovator, Paul Eslick, reveals his Top Ten here.
Success Story : $310k Capital Gains in 8 months...without lifting a hammer!

Jon Johnson's Project is a Good Insight into What You Can Achieve with a “Print It” Development

According to Justin Eslick, Jon’s deal was an absolute ripper. Perhaps not so much a classic example of what you can achieve with a print-it development every day of the week, because it was such a beauty, but it’s a great example to study all the same.

Don't Hang Your Tenants Out to Dry
The Reno Kings have been around so long, we have an answer for just about everything to do with renovating property...even down to the clothesline!
House Price Growth Predictions for 2014
This article from Greg Brown, writing for The Australian, gives some insights into house price growth for 2014. 
[Interview] How Does He Make All That Money?
Just one critical piece of information led to Geoff Doidge's next money-making project ... Check out the interview now to gain an insight into how the mind of a multi-millionaire works.
Turf Can be Pay Dirt
Everyone likes to see a beautiful green lawn outside their house - that goes for potential buyers and potential tenants.
The Christmas Listing Cycle

The market is hot! Well, at least in the Eastern Capitals - Competition is high and there are some silly prices being paid for property.

If you're trying to sell your property, or buy a property right now, take heart from the 'at the coal face' observations in this article, written by a leading property buyer - Buyer's Agent and Reno King, Justin Eslick.

The Many Benefits of Shade Sails
Shade sails come in all different sizes, shapes and colours so there's sure to be one to suit whatever requirement you have.
Don't Dive In Before Knowing all the Risks
The idea of having a beautiful sparkling pool at home to cool down on those long summer days is a very enticing thought, isn’t it?
What A Difference a Garage Door Makes
There are many styles of modern garage doors with the newer models featuring appealing designs, fantastic colours and great finishes.
Practical Window Coverings
Although not a requirement, certain fixtures/amenities can be very beneficial when trying to lease your rental properties.
Security Requirements for Your Property
As a landlord, installing security features in your rental property can have many advantages.
The Right Type of Tile for Your Reno

When considering flooring options for homes and rental properties many people don’t consider tiling an option purely because they think it is going to be too expensive.

But tiles are timeless, clean, classic – and clever.  Read on to discover why.

Where and How You Can Learn to Tile for Free (or Next to Nothing!)

Some people may view tiling floors, walls or splashbacks as one of those daunting jobs that are best left to the professionals.

But what if you were armed with enough information and knowledge to enable you to tackle those small areas and still have the end product look like a professional has done the job?

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Forget "Hope-Based" Property Portfolios. Get a property education with the Reno Kings and discover how you could transform your future.
Keeping Trees at a Safe Distance
Given that the storm season is fast approaching and some parts of Australia are already experiencing severe weather conditions we thought this information could serve as a timely reminder to pay attention to trees around your properties.

But there's more reasons than just storm season to keep trees a safe distance away from houses...
A Tenant's Eye View
Here is a tenant's view on the needs of the tenant and what the tenant looks for in a property - so landlords take note!
Beware Termite Attack
It’s unfortunate but when a house has been affected by termite damage it can affect the resale value of the property.
Don't Be Ignorant About Asbestos
Your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family and others around you is too important to be ignorant about the dangers of disturbing asbestos.
Update the Outdated
First impressions last…and there are countless effective ways you can update the look of your property that require minimal time & effort.

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