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Renovation Know-How,Tips, Tricks, Traps-to-Avoid and Interviews, & examples you can follow to be successful at property. Always  a great read.

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Geoff and Matt on Tour Out West
(3min 15sec)
How To Avoid Big Mistakes in Property
(1min 15sec)
How Do the Young Guns Do It?
(2min 03sec)
Geoff Doidge on Auction Antics
(3min 38sec)
Channel 7 Today Tonight 25 Jun 2013
Doing More With Less
Paul Eslick's Toolbox
(2min 10sec)
What Would a Shrewd Investor Do
Cat Flaps
How to Spot an Extra Bedroom
(2min 31sec)
Get Cracking with the Reno Kings in 2013
(1min 45sec)
Christmas Property Tips from Santa
(2min 05sec)
Getting Great Tradies for Max $30/hr - Today!
(4min 50sec)
Property Works
(1min 17sec)
High Land Value, Low House Value
(1min 25sec)
Old, Cold & Forgotten
(2min 16sec)
Shopper Squad on Today Tonight 10 Oct 2012
Adding Value to Your Home
Bargain Buying on Today Tonight
(1min 27sec)
View the Today Tonight Preview on their website Here
Geoff Doidge Introduces Build to Rent
(7min 05sec)
Adding Value with Paul Eslick
(2min 48sec)
Significant Structural Cracking - possible options
(1min 39sec)
Property Market Update July 2012
(1min 34sec)
But what if you bought at the top of the market?
(3min 35sec)
Who is Mathew Cosgrove
(4min 24sec)

Tips for Financing Projects in the Current Credit Environment
Justin Eslick Interviews Todd O'Neill of The Mardent Group 14 Jun 2012
Developing for Profit 23rd & 24th June 2012
(22min 56sec)


Geoff & Matt's Mining Opportunity Insights
(6min 40sec)
Have You Ever Wondered About a Reno Kings Site Inspection?
(2min 30sec)
Paul Eslick's Best Buy
(1min 10sec)
A Message from Geoff Doidge
Property Investment Tips for Beginners
(2min 10sec)
Stretching the Truth
(3min 27sec)
Geoff Doidge's Latest Renovation
(3min 18sec)
DIY Bldg & Pest Inspection with Justin Eslick
(13min 37sec)

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