Real Property, Real People, UnReal Profits
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Renovation Know-How,Tips, Tricks, Traps-to-Avoid and Interviews, & examples you can follow to be successful at property. Always  a great read.

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Real Property, Real People, UnReal Profits

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The Reno Kings – that’s Paul Eslick and Geoff Doidge – guide everyday people like you through the tricky but rewarding business of investing in property. Between them Paul and Geoff have 50 years experience in property. Their workshops have helped produce hundreds of successful Australian property investors. Here you’ll meet some of them, and find out just how they did it.

These are real people making unreal profits, ordinary Australians doing extraordinarily well:

  • The single mum who took on the financiers and won
  • The near-retirement Brisbane couple who found an exciting investment niche
  • The country-town woman who just can’t stop buying houses
  • The young bloke from Geelong making big gains on a small income
  • The Kiwi “capitalist hippy” buying with “no money down”
  • The young couple putting their all into a “green” senior’s development
  • The couple from the Gold Coast gaining a great lifestyle from duplexes.

And you’ll meet the Reno Kings themselves. Find out how Paul and Geoff started out, share their mistakes and their triumphs, and find out how they made unreal profits from property.

Hundreds of renovation and investment tips, pitfalls to avoid, tables and formulas to crunch the numbers, and all the memorable events along the way.

“Reading these stories motivated me all over again. I immediately went out and bought three properties."

Margaret Lomas , Financial advisor and bestselling author.

240 pages paperback

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