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Why stalking on Facebook can pay dividends

On Saturday we hosted a lively bunch of keen property investors at our first Intimate Workshops for 2016, including a few who managed to make it all the way from Perth and some others from Melbourne – hats off to them!

You know you have had a successful day when the participants are enthusiastic, and the buzz and synergy around the room, can both be felt and heard!

Also for a presenter, you know you have had a brilliant day, when you come away with some good ideas. The blinding flash of the obvious for me,was when we were having a group session on finding an extra bedroom and adding value in the No Plan No Profit workshop. One floor plan I had worked with for a while, was transformed into two units, or a granny flat with a simple wall! It was so obvious but I had never seen it before, how brilliant was that!

Thanks for opening my eyes...again.

Being anintimate groupof likeminded people, allowed our audience members the ability to ask questions without fear and share some stories. There was one particular story from an attendee at the Negotiating and Buying Well workshop, which we thought was both funny, educational and was such a stand out, we had to share it with you all…

This particular attendee was interested in purchasing a property and just like we educate, they were asking the agent questions in order to get a better understanding of the seller and their circumstances. Unfortunately, however, the agent wasn’t giving anything away.

They knew the owner’s name from the contract and so they googled him and found his Facebook profile. Here is where things got interesting…

The seller’s Facebook page was an open one, and there was a conversation on there between him and his neighbour, about his recent purchase in WAand the need to quickly sell his house, as he was desperate to move on.

How valuable is that information?

When they next spoke with the agent they let them know everything they had found out, (but not how they found out) and were now in the box seat to buy.

The best bit is, they have dealt with the agent numerous times since and he is now an open book with them, with full disclosure from the get-go. “ does pay to stalk on Facebook!
At the conclusion of each workshop our attendees were given the opportunity to purchase a special early bird booking for our June ‘On the Bus’ tour. A tour of properties which have played a significant role in the Reno Kings story and those of their clients, as well as Intimate Workshops 3 and 4 (details to be released soon – watch this space!).

Three of the attendees even received a ‘trailer’ from Geoff...a personal tour immediately after the workshops, to show a glimpse of the On The Buses ‘feature film’ that we’ll be running in June.

Don’t worry; we will be opening up this tour for bookings to everyone else as well, so stay tuned!

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