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Planning for a Successful New Year 2017

By Geoff Doidge

On New Year's Eve, every year, something special happens in my life. I sit down and look back at what happened in the year that has gone and chart my future for the coming year with The Wheel of Life. Have you set your goals for 2017 and made specific plans as to how you're going to reach them?  If not, I recommend you too use the Wheel of Life. Use it now.  It's not too late.  It will help identify the priorities in your life and areas that need to change. It is amazing to see, when you look at it a year later, the changes and the progress you have made.  Remember the old addage : "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

Click here now to download your copy of The Wheel of Life.

Coming Up for 2017
The festive season is a good time to recharge the batteries, as the Reno Kings are planning a huge year in 2017, seeing us move into areas that are new and challenging for us. As always, we will pass on our learning experiences to other property investors who wish to educate themselves so that they too can move forward in life. So keep reading the newsletters for more exciting news in 2017.

Planning for Financial Freedom in 2017
Some of you may be going overseas.  I can bet most people planning a trip overseas will spend months organising, saving, accumulating annual leave and the list goes on. But why is it that they won’t spend the same amount of time planning the rest of their lives…or at least the next 5 years? In 5 to 10 years, with the right information and the careful purchase of the right properties, they could be well along the path to being financially free, whilst the overseas trip becomes just a memory and faded photographs.  I have found that financial freedom means you have the choice to travel, to do what you want, when you want.

And the best thing of all about property, apart from the potential to create enormous capital gain and cash-flow, is that it is!

Paul Eslick and I, along with all the Reno Kings Team wish a hearty "Happy New Year" to you and your families.  We are glad to have you join us in having fun on our property journey in 2017.

Best Wishes

Geoff Doidge
Reno Kings

P.S.  Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family?  . . . Treat them to the Reno Kings book "Real Property, Real People, Unreal Profits" by clicking here.

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