Reno Kings - Part 2 in our Renovating – Where do I start series. YourA-Team, Materials and Storage
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Part 2 in our Renovating – Where do I start series. YourA-Team, Materials and Storage


It’s never too early to start to organize yourrenovation A-Team.

Finding yourA-Teamis a critical step in ensuring the success of your renovation. Once you have a reliable and well-priced team, maintain a great relationship with them to ensure future success.

The old adage; if a tradie is not working it may be he is not worth employing, but ask a busy man to do the work and they’ll never have enough time. Don’t underestimate the old tradies, who just want some work here and there, they are a good find.

Word of mouth from friends and family in your local area is always a great place to start or websites such as  and

There are plenty of renovating and property groups on Facebook you can join, PLUS ask our community on our facebook page.

We have also put together some articles on how to find a great builder and other trades, so take a look through our previous blogs for more information.

Once your A-Teamis assembled and your plan is in place, you will need to get on with ordering your materials and ensuring they can be suitably stored.


Materials for delivery should come in one truck load, you do not want to be running off to the supplier for this and that, nor should you under any circumstance send your tradie.  He’ll return with tomato sauce on his face from the pie you just bought him!

When the delivery arrives -check it, there is usually something missing and chasing up a non-delivered item at a later date can be frustrating, and may cost you.

I remember doing Justin’s house down at Kangaroo Point, all the major timbers were there, beautiful long lengths of LVL timber that is laminated, veneer lumber for the joists on his deck, but no joist hangers supplied.

Without them the joist can’t be placed and the decking can’t be laid, the job doesn’t grind to a stop - it stops with retro rockets burning.

The joist hangers were found back at the suppliers, in a small cardboard box, which thankfully, a rep quickly delivered but sometimes you don’t get that lucky.

Remember: Some products have lead times. There could be a three week delay in getting big end section timber in long lengths.  If you are going to add deck, it would be a good idea to establish the position and size, then get it drawn up and drawn up and submitted for certification if required, so you can order your materials well in advance.


Now that your materials have arrived, you need to ensure adequate storage so nothing gets damaged.

We don’t want green hardwood lying on an uneven surface in the weather, within a day it will bend and warp, this will result in lost time trying to straighten it. You bought straight timber don’t go bending it!

Use gluts, small pieces of timber on edge, to keep the timber off the ground and level. The best place to store green hardware is in an open, airy, covered environment.

Timber stored out in the open with a tarp over it, will also distraught, due to the high temperature build up beneath the tarp.

Rubbish removal is an essential part of any renovation.Have a 6 cubic meter skip bin delivered day one!

The more time you take filling that bin the more it can pack. Too many people idly throw rubbish in. There are voids and holes all over the place and instead of filling the bin with 6 cubic meters you fill it with four - what a waste of money!

Hint: Take careful consideration into the placement of the skip bin.Generally too close to the building will be in some trades way, get use to humping the rubbish a bit further so the job will not get hung up and cost you dearly. They don’t come out to shift bins, just to pick up and drop off.

Next week we look at your contingency plan and some top tips!

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