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Luck of the Irish

Wow! It’s been a very busy week…

Last week I received two phone calls from two separate pairs of women from Ireland.

Both enquiries were looking for a furnished 2 bedroom unit.

I did not have one available but I did have a 4 bedroom unfurnished house at New Farm coming up the following week.

I put them in touch with each other and suggested they may like to rent the house together.

We showed them the house last Thursday, which they loved and put in an application for.

So we turned a 4 bedroom unfurnished house in New Farm, into a fully furnished home in 6 days for about $1,600. (The cost was reduced due to four free beds, a free lounge suite and a free fridge).

Rent was initially $711 per week, less $49 commission, so effectively $662 per week.

Rent is now $800 per week, which is a $138 per week increase or $7,176 per annum and just 1 day vacancy! Previous tenants moved out Monday and the new tenants from Ireland moved in Wednesday.

In an inner suburban area where rents have been falling, we are very happy with this result.

Plus we have a new fitness regime - moving furniture is cheaper than going to the gym!

Hurrah for the Irish! To be sure…to be sure…


Geoff Doidge

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