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It's cutting edge, its cool, its digital and it makes money!

I recently shared with you all some success I had on my first experience with Airbnb. You can catch up on this article here “Have you tried Airbnb?

After my experience, I mentioned Airbnb to a neighbour of mine. He said his friend was struggling to rent a 1 bedroom apartment in Paddington for $350 per week and had recently lowered the rent to $310 per week, with still no results.

So, he listed the apartment on Airbnb and is now getting over $800 per week! What an incredible result.  This property investor now wants to leave his full time work and concentrate on his increasing his digital earnings by working on the website.

But what does this mean for you?

Digital disruption is alive and well in the rental area, so if you have a property sitting empty or one you think could be earning you more, now is the time to get connected with online possibilities.

Find a way to get connected with potential tenants and make some money!

What’s not to like about this strategy? Just look what is in my account from Airbnb, $1831, enough for an overseas trip plus drinks!

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