Reno Kings - Announcing Our Next Two Intimate Workshops in May 2016
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Announcing Our Next Two Intimate Workshops in May 2016

The first two Reno Kings Intimate Workshops held in February, were such a great success and we received some awesome feedback. As a result, we have now launched the next two workshops in this series, coming up this May 2016 in Brisbane.

Each of these intimate workshops only have 27 spots available, however pre-bookings were available to our lucky attendees from the first workshop, which means there are not as many left.  

Be quick... so you don't miss out on spending the day with The Reno Kings!  

Intimate Workshop #3
Contract Tips, Tricks and Traps

A real estate contract should enable you to secure your dream home or great investment, but unfortunately for too many people,it can be the first hurdle and the beginning of the end.

Uncover the common mistakes, as well as the little advantages you can gain over your competition, at Contract Tips, Tricks and Traps,  an intimate Workshop presented by investors and property buyers, for investors and property buyers.

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Intimate Workshop #4

Can you imagine heading across the desert without a plan, petrol and provisions?

That is precisely the equivalent of buying a renovator or development property or even planning a development for a site you already own, without doing a Feaso (feasibility study).

In Feasibility Mastery we take the F (fear) out, make it easy  for you, and give you the ability  and confidence to do a full feaso for your own project.

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