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The Wheel of Life 2010

The start of the year is a great time to reflect on the previous year and plan for the new one. Did you accomplish what you set out to do in 2009 or have another 12 months gone by and once more you are promising yourself “this year will be different”?  Geoff uses the “wheel of life” each year - it gives a visual snapshot of where you are right now in different facets of your life (money, career, relationships, etc).   It identifies clearly the areas where you need to take action.  Geoff would like to share it with you.

The Wheel of Life

 In this example, you can see this person has identified a number of important facets of their life and relationships. Your facets can be anything you like, but these aren’t a bad start!

You can do your “wheel” with a saucer and a ruler ... you don’t need a computer! (Or you can download and print (PDF 86.1 KB) this one to get you started)


The points on the spoke are totally self-assessed. So this person may, for instance, not be a particularly “spiritual” person ... but they are satisfied with what they consider their level to be. The arrows indicate areas they have identified as needing work, in 2009. Obviously a fitness freak!!! ... Note the two health concerns ...’aerobic’ is cardio-vascular, ‘resistance’ is strength ... usually improved by weights (“resistance”) training. ...And then they are concerned about their weight!

The whole object of the exercise is to identify which areas need to be most worked upon to get the wheel back into balance. The centre of the wheel is “Totally Dissatisfied” and the rim is “100% Satisfied”. Where do you fall on each of these? Put a dot on each line and then join the dots.

The object is to get the dots all equally spaced along the spokes, and then to work on moving ALL the dots out together ... thus improving all aspects of your life together ... keeping it all in balance.

For instance, if this career-satisfied gym junkie were to spend even more time at the office, and even more time at the gym, he or she might be personally happier, but the relationships with his or her loved ones would almost certainly suffer, and no doubt, he or she would have trouble finding enough time to come to a Reno Kings workshop.

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