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The Reno Kings in 2013


Meet Geoff Doidge and Paul Eslick

Two ordinary blokes who have combined their considerable talents to build the successful property investment phenomenon that is Reno Kings.

Not for these two the well-cut suits and flashy trappings of other property gurus. Geoff and Paul make no secret of their humble beginnings – they’ve relied on good old-fashioned commonsense, research, hands-on experience and business savvy to make their mark.

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In a few years the partners - both expert at renovations and both successful property investors - have accumulated not just wealth (and we’re talking a combined property portfolio in excess of $30 million!) but also plenty of wisdom when it comes to the property investment game.

They’ve become media successes too – with regular television appearances on Channel Nine’s “Today Show”, “A Current Affair” and articles in newspapers and magazines like “The Australian Property Investor”.

Geoff Doidge

So how did it all begin? At the age of 47, having missed out on a promotion, Geoff Doidge left his public service job and decided to get serious about investing in property. Since then he has accumulated over $20 million of residential property – that’s pretty serious all right. Geoff likes to say he “failed his way to success”, making every mistake in the book, and he wrote about the lessons he learnt in his own book, “The ten golden rules for creating wealth through property”.

Paul Eslick

Geoff’s business partner, Paul Eslick, has been into property renovation for over 20 years. Paul’s motivation for getting into property investment was to kick what he calls the ‘J.O.B. (Just over broke)’! Paul’s ‘Time is Money’ motto has made him the fastest renovator going around – so far his quickest renovation is 10 days. “If you take longer than 4 weeks, you are doing something wrong, ” he says.

Meet Justin Eslick

Justin Eslick is uniquely qualified to indentify property deals and uncover their

Justin Eslick

Firstly, he has a Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning (Honours) from the University of Queensland. He is also a fully licenced real estate agent in Queensland. In addition to the three and a half years operating Investigate Property, he has 5 valuable years of experience working with a developer and property consultant that specialised in the concept design, development and management of student accommodation in Queensland. His role there was the Research and Acquisitions Manager, involving many facets of property investing.

Secondly, he is Paul Eslick's son, so he has grown up with property and renovations. You could say it was in his blood. Since he was a kid, Justin has been at the hard yakka end of paint brushes, tools and whatever else he could get his hands on helping the Reno Kings with many of their renovations.

There would not be too many people going around that have his combination of qualifications, mentoring and experience.

These days ...

... the Renovation Kings aka Reno Kings - run workshops sharing their knowledge with hundreds of ordinary Australians keen to learn the secrets of smart property investment Reno Kings style. “Brilliant”, “life-changing”, “inspiring” are just some of the words people use to describe the Reno Kings workshops. And the gospel according to the Reno Kings?  “The best way to profit from real estate is to buy well and then add value quickly, and one of the easiest ways to add value is renovation.”  It’s this simple message plus the ‘runs on the board’ that’s so appealing to the average property investor– they are flocking to share in the wealth-building ideas of these two ‘knock about’ blokes who are just like them.

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