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For property purchasers, property owners, renovators & developers.

Can you imagine heading across the desert without a plan, petrol and provisions?

That is precisely the equivalent of buying a renovator or development property or even planning a development for a site you already own, without doing a Feaso (feasibility study).

We see it all the time…
"I am doing my first property renovation/development, it looks pretty straight forward and...

  • I will just wing it or
  • I will be ok or
  • I read a book on it, or worst…
  • I saw you guys on TV and it looked so easy!" Nooooo!

Months later, the cry for help comes…why didn’t someone tell me I needed an Acoustic report, a Town Planning report, a Traffic Engineer, a Hydraulic consultant and so on.

It is your responsibility to plan and control your project, so you must get the ‘feaso’ right. Feaso's at the very least can save you money, save you from getting financially stressed and may even save your project. Don’t ‘wing’ it…learn it!

In Feasibility Mastery we take the F (fear) out, make it easy  for you, and give you the ability  and confidence to do a full feaso for your own project.

"This was my first Reno Kings seminar that I attended, and i must say that i was very happy with the whole experience. Geoff, Paul and Justin delivered their topics well, and above this they all shared some great tips and personal property experiences which i think each member of the audience could relate to or gain insight from.  Great work!"
B.Irwin February 2016

CASE STUDY: When our client created 3 lots, they were almost $30,000 ahead of a lot of the competition, just with their numbers (and ignoring the fact they bought well on top of that).
They managed another $15,000 saving by seeing value in what others considered a cost.

In total they achieved a total $149,000 net profit, the result of a combination of things, but most of what they made over $100k is directly related to their feasibility and how they were able to apply different numbers.

In the feaso world, one size does not fit all. There is a special type of feaso for you. There is a different type of feaso to give to a seller.

And yet another for your financier.

You would have to be very naïve, if you used the same feaso for each of these different people!

Great workshop! Very well done and very useful information presented by Paul, Geoff & Justin. Thank you Reno Kings! 
I would highly recommend the Intimate Workshops to anyone that is interested in improving their knowledge in property and growing their network with like-minded people."

C. Chang February 2016

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

Geoff warns: “Many CBD ‘off the plan’ units are being offered with Rental Guarantees just to make them ‘stack up’ for the novice investor. There is such an impending oversupply looming that rental returns may collapse at the end of the guarantee period, and some investors will wish they had done more research before trusting the marketer or the developer.”

This is what one investor from a recent course said after using it:

“I would not have got the development finance for my project without using the software recommended by you to prepare a detailed feasibility study for the bank.”

CASE STUDY: A recent client purchase was only showing a 17% equity gain in the numbers when we required 22%+ to make it a goer. It may not sound like a big difference, but any experienced numbers person will tell you that is a lot to make up.

We were surprised at the low margin, after all, we had evidence we were paying below market value for the site. We got there in the end, with a $500k equity gain or 22.7% expected, yet the surprising thing?

We changed only one part of the feasibility, and no, it wasn't a mistake. How many people would spend hours tinkering for little reward, yet it can be managed with minimal change in minimal time?

We’ve discussed in broad terms what this Intimate Workshop is all about, now lets take a closer look at a few of the items we will be covering in more detail:

This feasibility workshop is essential training for every renovator, developer and property investor, and purchaser. We have never seen it offered elsewhere, so BOOK NOW as seats are very limited.

prefer to CALL US phone 1300 550 656

CASE STUDY: This isn’t one case study but an example of many case studies we see every year. The numbers for this particular development were showing only 15% equity gain, well below the coveted 20% margin most developers look for. Yet it was a goer!
To know why you need a thorough understanding of feasibilities and how the numbers, and anticipated profit can differ from project to project.

"Very informative, practical & user friendly workshop.
Plus great value!"

S. Cowie February 2016

Intimate Workshop

So what exactly, is an Intimate Workshop?

Intimate Workshops have been created by the Reno Kings and the name is reflective of the nature of the is focused on one vital topic and getting to know that topic intimately, in this instance it is Feasibility Mastery.

Your time is valuable so we have professionally packaged it into a half day comprehensive workshop which also minimises the cost of your investment. Have you been to one of those “free” all day seminars where you are, one of a sea of faces, being relentlessly ‘sold’ to by the conga line of sales people flogging their services?

We have and we know that ‘free’ also comes with a price tag... your time, you only receive half the information you need and there is more sales than actual useful and life changing information, so this intimate workshop lives up to its name…it is open only to a select group of people, in fact, only a maximum of 27 people can attend this workshop.

The advantages of attending an Intimate Workshop should be obvious:

prefer to CALL US phone 1300 550 656

"Practical, down to earth info, delivered with passion and confidence. Geoff & Paul have helped me to understand the possibilities in property investing - fantastic!"

We have deliberately set about to create a workshop that is affordable, yet gives you more of what you want. It isn’t about how much you can save on the workshop, its about the money you can save by attending the workshop, and the money you can make in property once you start applying our tried and tested strategies.

So here’s what you get at the Feasibility Mastery Intimate Workshop:

All this for just $347 for a single, but remember, there are  only 27 spots available.

We believe it is always beneficial if both you and your business partner or spouse attend too, so as an added incentive couples can book to attend for just $597.
That’s a saving of $97!

But wait, there's more!

Make a full day of it and combine yourworkshop attendance with The Reno Kings' Intimate Workshop 'Contract Tips, Tricks and Traps', and you will receive a 20% discount off the second workshop.
That's a total saving of almost $70 for a single and almost $120 for a couple.

Join us on Saturday 21st May 2016, 1pm - 4pm in Brisbane.  

Quest Apartments Board Room, Amy Street, Albion – opposite the Breakfast Creek Hotel.

There are limited car parks on site at no cost.  Alternatively, there are plenty of on-street car parks in both Amy Street, Yulestar Street and Agnes Street. It is also on a fairly direct route from the airport.

prefer to CALL US phone 1300 550 656

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